About Consortium

The Smart Power Grids Polska Consortium goal is the development of innovative technologies related to smart power grids. The leader of the Consortium is the Wrocław University of Technology. 


Common activities of the Partners include in particular:

  • research and evolutionary work for the practical realisation of the smart power grids concept,
  • commercialisation of research results and technological solutions,
  • widely understood educational activity, standardisation and conference activity,
  • raising funds from Polish and European institutions financing research and development work.

The scope of the research and development activity of the Consortium has been defined as follows:

  • behavior integration processes of all participants of: generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy, to ensure power provisioning in a cost-effective, sustainable and safe way,
  • application of sensor networks to increase the efficiency of Distributes (Renewable) Energy Management.
  • application of Advanced  Metering Infrastructure for analysis, modeling and forecasting network traffic to plan and ensure the correct network operation and reduction of transmission losses;
  • development of the new, effective and environmentally safe energy storage technologies and putting them into operation;
  • reduction of blackout risk by elimination the risks associated with the occurrence of violent weather events, network congestion, faulty or criminal actions of people;
  • protection the confidentiality, integrity and security of data processed in smart grids (cyber security).


The Organs of the Consortium are:

  • Honorary Founding Committee
  • Programme Council which formulates the strategy and activity directions of the Consortium, it also controls the activity of the Consortium Office
  • Chairman of the Programme Council which is an executive organ of the Programme Council
  • Consortium Office which is an executive organ of the Consortium; the Office acts on the basis of the delegation of the Consortium Leader rights and the Consortium Partners’ power of attorney